When does the Tahoe snow season start?

Snow can flurry as early as October in our small town, but we officially kick off snow season on November 15th each year, and we usually see it last until around April/May.

Make sure that you sign up before November 15th, not only to capitalize on our best rates, but also to make sure you have a prime spot on our route.

How to you decide who gets their snow plowed first?

We have two staging locations: one at our Eloise office, and one in Al-Tahoe. With our new route optimization technology, the route is automatically scheduled and you are notified of where you fall in line. Don’t worry, we treat our first plow the same way that we take care of our last plow and will make sure you are taken care of. Sign up with your neighbors for the best route optimization, and ask us about our neighbor sign-up specials!

What if I only want a one-time service, where do I fall on the list?

We do our best to accommodate one-time service customers, but our priority is always seasonal clients. One-time service clients are charged by the hour because we have no control over pre-existing conditions (for seasonal clients we know how much snow will be in their driveway on each visit because we know the condition we left it in). One-time clients are always welcome, but they are always on a first come first serve basis, and are scheduled around our seasonal contracts.

Do you guys have any info about city plow services?

Most of the time our guess is as good as yours, you can keep up to date with us by communicating through our client portal, but for more information here is where you can stay up to date with official updates from the city:


Any predictions for the 2022-2023 winter season?

The winter months are almost impossible to predict up until a week or so before a storm hits. Some of the biggest winters have been predicted to be slow, and some of the slowest winters have been predicted to be historic. The simple answer is no one really knows.

Here is one article that you can keep up with that predicts about a month out and gives longer term projections on temperature and precipitation:


All of that said, it is better safe than sorry, and we have limited space so make sure you sign up before November 15th to guarantee your spot.

What is the best weather service to follow leading up to a storm?

We rely on a lot of different weather services, but one of the best we have found is actually embedded directly into our website:


How do I sign up for seasonal service?

Follow this link to submit a request, or purchase directly from our website here:


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